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outpatient rehab centersTransgender

Outpatient care for transgender people is an important aspect of healthcare that helps address the unique health needs and challenges faced by them. Transgender individuals may require hormone therapy, surgeries and other specialized medical care to support their transition and ensure their physical and mental wellbeing.

Healthcare providers who work with transgender patients should be knowledgeable about the unique healthcare needs and considerations of this population, including the use of preferred pronouns and gender-affirming language and should provide care that is respectful, inclusive and affirming of their gender identity. This can help create a safe and welcoming healthcare environment for transgender patients and support their health and well-being.


outpatient-rehab-facilitiesNative & Indigenous College Students

Outpatient care is a crucial aspect of healthcare for Native and Indigenous college students. These students may face unique challenges when seeking medical attention, such as limited access to healthcare providers who understand their cultural needs and beliefs.

Outpatient care provides access to preventative services, medical treatment and mental health services, which helps maintain physical and mental wellbeing while pursuing academic goals.

Healthcare providers who work with Native and Indigenous college students should take steps to understand their unique cultural perspectives and provide care that is respectful and appropriate. This can include offering services in their native language, incorporating traditional healing practices and creating a welcoming and inclusive healthcare environment.

outpatient rehab centersCrisis Lines

Below is a list of different crisis hotlines and emergency resources for immediate, crisis information. In some cases, people need help during crisis situations, so these resources are helpful in providing one-click help.

StrongHearts Native Helpline

Lifeline Chat

Crisis Line for Racial Equity Support

Indian Country Child Trauma Center

Bureau of Indian Education Suicide Prevention

WeRNative Text Line

Teen Suicide Prevention

National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention

outpatient rehab centersPodcasts

One of the major reasons why native american people have a lack of access to trustworthy, culturally-responsive care is because of the inherent racism and loneliness that this community suffers from. Connecting with other indigenous people who have also struggled and are healing can positively impact a person’s recovery journey. The following podcasts were created and are run by indigenous people who are seeking to share their personal stories in hopes that it helps others.

All My Relations

What’s Culture Got to Do With It

Indian Relay

Wellness For Culture

outpatient-rehabLGBTQ+ Resources

Two Spirit: A long list of LGBTQ+ resources for native american people.

Native American LBGTQ Resources: Offers access to resources and a toolkit meant to help LGBTQ+ individuals who are also part of the tribal community.

Native PFLAG: Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays has different resources for native american people and their family members and friends who also want to show support. 

Healthy Native Youth: Different resources for native youth who are also LGBTQ+ and need programs and crisis lines.